Future Art Fashion by Sir Douglas Fresh


Future art fashion is a term coined by Sir Douglas Fresh to mean fractal artwork.

All of the artwork on this site is generated by Sir Douglas Fresh using a Xeon processor.

Fractal art is important because we ourselves are fractal. We find beauty in artwork similar to our own design, and the design of the universe itself. That is the reason why fractal are is so beautiful, and instantly pleasing to the eye.

The fractal system starts at the universe itself, with galaxies similar to the entire universe, star system similar to the galaxy, planets similar to the star system, communities similar to the planets, households similar to the communities, and human beings similar to the household. Similarly we as human beings are similar to our cells, our cells are similar to the atom, and the atom itself is similar to the universe.

Carry the ideas of fractals with you in everyday life by respecting the larger and smaller versions of ourselves, from being pleased by the universe and its beauty, to giving your bodily cells what they need to function daily. Perhaps most importantly, love the planet and it’s people and be thankful for the energy you receive.

I give you my love in all of your fractal journeys, in this life and the next.

-Sir Douglas Fresh

Future Art Fashion puts beautiful fractal power directly into your bloodstream! Follow the Infinite!!

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